[3] Example projects

Example projects

As specialist Compensation and Benefits consultants, we can help you develop an effective employee reward strategy for your organisation. We work in most areas of reward and with many different clients. Examples of projects undertaken include:

Bonus and incentives

  • Overhauled and redesigned 15 sales and management incentive bonus plans across a UK business
  • Developed a range of executive retention plans
  • Developed new management and staff bonus plans to save money and realign with the business aims

Recognition and non-cash reward

  • Designed a new recognition scheme for a major service provider covering over 25,000 people
  • Developed a non-cash recognition approach in place of bonus plans that were no longer in line with the division’s aims
  • Developed a recognition strategy which encouraging local initiatives within broad guidelines

Pay advice

  • Executive pay, bonus structures, performance management, pay advice for City based firm 
  • Established market pay data including conducting salary surveys and used to inform annual pay review; advise on executive pay for major financial services business
  • Advised US parent companies, of UK (and other European) Compensation practices (pay, stock plans and benefits) to support the recruitment and relocation of executives

Reward structures

  • As part of a major cultural change programme, designed competency based pay, grading and performance management systems for a unionised Japanese manufacturer
  • Developed a new management pay and bonus structure for large Irish financial services organisation
  • During two mergers, managed integration of terms and conditions, compensation and benefits


  • Led project to close defined benefit pension plan to 1,700 existing UK employees, saving over £14m pa
  • Led project to introduce flexible benefits for 7,000 with 90% take up
  • Led project to harmonise terms and conditions and benefits for 8,000 people