[3] Total Reward and Communications

Total reward and communications

Companies often manage different elements of reward separately. This means that employees will often miss some of the value which may not be so obvious. It is critical to maximise the value of everything you spend on reward (or Compensation and Benefits). One way is to take a ‘Total Reward’ stance. We can work with you to make this happen. Effectively communicating and implementing a new reward programme can be more important than the technical design. But often this is not recognised. Example projects include:

  • Along with Communications experts, developed a communication strategy and developed the key messages and media for a major reward management change programme in a financial services business
  • During two mergers, managed the integration of terms and conditions, compensation and benefits communicating the value of the total reward
  • Ran an employee survey on the value and perception of different elements of reward and made changes to the design and communication of reward programmes using the outputs from the survey.

You might find this one page tip on communicating reward of interest.

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